ARI-Armaturen and Control Products

ARI Safety Valves

Control Products is a proud stocking distributor of ARI-Armaturen products. The ARI product line includes control valves, actuators, valve positioners, pressure regulators, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, steam traps, trap manifolds and steam trap monitoring systems. You can find ARI valve products anywhere that liquid, gas or vapor needs to be regulated, secured, or isolated. Control Products only represents manufacturers who build high quality, low maintenance products. With this in mind, we are proud to offer our customers ARI-Armaturen products.

ARI Butterfly Valves

ARI Check Valves

ARI Control Valves

ARI Electric Actuators

ARI Flow Regulating Valves

ARI Globe Valves

ARI Manifolds for Condensate and Steam Distribution

ARI Pneumatic Actuators

ARI Pressure Reducing and Regulating Valves

ARI Prozessventil

ARI Safety Relief Valves

ARI Steam Traps

ARI Strainers

ARI Temperature Controller