Mepco LCFP Chiller Feed Pumps

Chiller Feed Pump


When performing a function analogous to that of the boiler feed pump in a boiler system the chiller feed pump Type LCFP is applicable to air conditioning and refrigeration systems that require storage and distribution of glycol mixture. One of the benefits of the complete Chiller Feed Pump assembly is the ability to run a constant load on the compressor preventing short cycling and resulting in longer life and better temperature control for the compressor/chiller system.

The receiver is composed of welded copper-bearing steel construction and is provided with liquid level gauge and necessary inlet, vent, drain and overflow tappings. Also, fill funnel tapping is provided for manual fill. All units are furnished with necessary controls, magnetic starters mounted on the tank, complete with three-position selector switches labeled "Hand"-"Off"-"Auto". Furnished with the Model LCFP are suction lines complete with isolation valves, thermometer, strainers, welded heavy gauge tank saddles, and a tank stand constructed of standard structural steel.

Chiller Feed Pump Ranges
Capacity,tons 10,5-80
Standard Steel Tank Sizes, Gallons 71 (24x36) to 752 (48x96)