Mepco VRD-C5 Vacuum Pump

Mepco Vacuum Pump Model C5

Vacuum Pump

Standard VRD-C5 Packages

Mepco's Vacuum pumps are the indispensable heart of the modern heating system. By rapidly exhausting air from the system it circulates steam quickly, minimizes the warm-up period and enables the heating system to function quietly.

Type VRD-C5 unit, is designed for projects with capacities of 20,000 & 40,000 EDR with discharge pressure of 20 and 40 PSI.

Each Mepco duplex pump is equipped with its own automatic controls and so arranged to provide automatic controls and so arranged to provide automatic standby service. It is not necessary for the operating engineer to switch from one condensate pump to the other manually, as the pumps alternate automatically on float control. If one float switch contact closes and for some reason that pump does not start, the other float switch contact will automatically close and start the other pump. Also, if the condensate load becomes too great for one pump, the other pump will start automatically. Both pumps then operate simultaneously, making it an exceptional feature to the operating engineer.

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