Delta Cooling Towers, Inc

Control Products is proud to stock Delta Cooling Towers Products, including Corrosion Proof (HDPE) Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Cooling Towers, PARAGON® Induced Draft Cooling Towers, Pioneer® Forced Draft Cooling Towers, PREMIER Low Profile Induced Draft Cooling Towers, and TM Series Induced Draft Cooling Towers.

Cooling towers are outdoor equipment, either on roofs or sides of buildings, and are subjected to weather extremes continuously. Delta Towers are manufactured in a seamless engineered plastic (HDPE) structural shell which is corrosion-proof and will not rust, chip, peel, crack or ever need painting or additional protective coatings.

Delta Paragon Cooling Tower Photo

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Paragon® Induced Draft Cooling Towers

Pioneer® Forced Draft Cooling Towers

Premier Low Profile Induced Draft Cooling Towers

TM Series Induced Draft Cooling Towers