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Generic Vs. Specific Entries

Generic Specific
Bends and Fittings 1-1/2 CAST STEEL BENDS & FITTINGS
1 Bends & fittings
Strainer (or STR)
Pilot A, A35, A43, A53, A70, A73, A82, A84, A85, A86, A88, D, D2, D208, N, N20, N33, P14, P15, Q, Q73, T14, T52, T60, T61, T62, T63, T124, T134
Diaphragm, Ring Seat, Spring, Disc, etc
Repair Kit (or RK) E main, E2, T14
Element 700, 704, Thermostat, OR Thermal Assembly
Valve C34, E Main, E2 Main, E5, D34, D36, D50, N6
Trap Bucket, F & T, FTE, HC, Sanitary (or Sani)