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Leser 431/433 Safety Relief Valve

Type 431/433

Safety Relief Valve

Type 431

The type 431/433 safety relief valves are ideal relief valves for medium mass flows. Their large proportional range leads to consistent functioning and relief of pressure peaks, particularly with liquids. Both proportional and safety relief valves are characterized by particularly stable operation.

Type 433

The 431/433 spring loaded, cast construction with flanged connections for nominal pressure ratings up to PN 40 / PR #150. Three body materials: stainless steel, carbon steel and nodular cast iron.
Technical Information
Type Bonnet Flange ANSI B 16.5 Flange DIN 2501 Form Opening Characteristic
431 Open #150 1/2"...6" 16...40 15...150 Angle Type Safety Relief
433 Closed