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Mankenberg Pressure Reducing Valve Type 652

Pressure Reducing Valve

Type 652

For liquids, gases and steam up to 365° F. Balanced valve with high flow rates and low leakage depending on soft seal, also with steam

Mankenberg self acting pressure reducing valves are simple basic regulators that provide precision control and are easy to install and maintain. They control the pressure at the outlet side without use of any external electrical or pneumatic actuators.

Pressure reducing valve Type 652 is a balanced, diaphragm-controlled, spring-loaded proportional regulator, as good for steam as for liquids and gas. Depending on the soft seal it has a very low leakage rate, also with steam. It has a sense line connection. During installation a sense line MUST be installed.

This valve is made of deep-drawn stainless steel and feature excellent corrosion resistance. It weighs less than conventional caste valves, therefor support brackets may not be necessary.

The spring module including the cover, spring, set screw, diaphragm and internals is fastened with 2 screws at the clamp for easy handling. Changing the diaphragm or the complete spring module for another pressure range is very easy and done without special tools or training. The valve remains in place in the line even for maintenance. Adjusting the set pressure does not change the height of the unit.

The spring keeps the valve in full open position when the pipeline is depressurized. Under pressure the medium flows from the inlet through the valve seat to the outlet and acts on the spring module via the sense line. As the outlet pressure rises above the set pressure, the valve orifice is reduced restricting the flow. As the outlet pressure drops the valve orifice becomes larger increasing flow. The pressure setting is adjusted by turning the set screw to change the spring tension


  • Manometer connection
  • Internal sense line
  • Cooling section for steam temperatures up to 430°F.
  • For toxic or hazardous applications, use a spring cap with the set-screw sealing fitted with a leakage line connection. During installation a leakage line MUST be installed
  • Different materials for gaskets and diaphragms are available for comparability with your product. Please contact us if you have a problematic medium.
  • Special designs are available to suit your specifications. Please inquire
  • Guidelines for selection, installation and operation (what you should know, notes on safety, etc.) MUST be followed

Technical Data
1/2"-2" Tri-Clamp. 1/2-2 NPT 1/2-2 ANSI Up to 580 psi 0.3-175 psi 7 adjusting ranges 2.4.6-21 US gal/min. ANSI class VI Yes
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