Mepco Class 30 Cast Iron Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifrugal Pump

Class 30 Cast Iron Centrifrugal Pumps

Type RC05 and RC06

Mepco's RC05 and RC06 are classified as general service pumps. These class 30 cast iron material pumps are able to handle flows to 120 GPM, 60 PSI and is designed with a horizontal 56J frame. Discharge from this pump can be located in any four positions. The back pull out design of this pump eliminates the need to disturb piping. Maximum hydraulic efficiency is achieved through its advanced impeller design, dynamically balanced for vibration free operation. The Buna N seal rated for 250 ° F. and pressure up to 175 PSI. The seal's ceramic seat and carbon seal face provide long trouble free service. Alternative seal are available to suit temperatures and liquid. The shaft and motor of this pump is a one-piece stainless steel threaded shaft and ball bearing construction in all open drip proof enclosures. The shaft and mounting flange comply with Nema standards allowing interchangeability.

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Type RC06 and RC06 Centrifugal Pump
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