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Tuchenhagen Product Information

Tuchenhagen Type 488 Safety Relief Valve

Type 488 With Pneumatic Lift

Safety Relief Valve with Pneumatic Lift

The Tuchenhagen series 48x, spring loaded safety relief/full lift valves were developed in close cooperation with plant operators and engineers to protect sensitive processes against overpressure without putting hygienic requirements at risk. Type 48x series are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and meet ASME (Sec.VIII, Div.1) FDA and BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment - 1997) requirements. The Type 48x safety relief valves represent the ultimate solution for all critical clean service pressure relief applications in the: breweries, beverages, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industry.


  • For Clean-In-Place Applications
  • Limit Switches for Detecting Valve Position
  • Available for Integration into Control System
  • Automatic Reset after Overpressure
  • ASME Approved

 Technical Information
Set pressure range
Aseptic properties
488 1"...4" 0.2...16 3.0...232 very high (K-P) Reduced dead space, crevice free Free discharge, crevice free, no dome