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Watts T&P Hot Water Boiler Relief Valve

Hot Water Boiler Relief Valve

T&P Relief Valve

The combined 2-in-1 temperature & pressure relief valve provides the least expensive and proven means for protection against both excessive temperature and pressure emergency conditions.

Fully automatic temperature and pressure relief protection for domestic hot water supply tanks and heaters based on the latest ANSI z21.22 Listing requirements for temperature discharge capacity.

40 XL with test lever and extension theromostat for installation in hot water outlet within the allowable distance from the top of the tank based on latest ANSI z21.22 Sizes 3/4" and 1" (19-25mm).

Series 140, N240 and 340 have the same basic body construction and advanced design features as the Series 40 and are identical to the Series 40 except for discharge capacity and size of inlet and outlet connections.


  1. Bronze body construction.
  2. Non-mechanical seat-to-disc alignment.
  3. Thermostat is accurate and proven.
  4. Tamper-resistant bonnet screws.
  5. Series 40 and 140 feature a unique thermostat with a special thermo-bonded coating.
  6. Series 140 sizes 1" (25mm) and above furnished standard with stainless steel thermostat tube.